Isolation Photography

Hi everyone.....

Just wanted to show you some of the work I have been doing whilst in Isolation. Everyone is getting through these very trying times the best they can. Whether you are home schooling, working from home or just having some well deserved time out. Just remember, what ever you do and how ever you do it is what is working best for you!!! There is no right or wrong way to deal with all of this. It doesn't matter if you decide not to get dressed all day or lie on the sofa having a Netflix binge, what matters is what is helping you at this time! Please don't beat yourself up or stress over it. We have never ever been in this situation before. No one knows how to deal with it all. I've literally had a drink everyday for the past 3 weeks, I like to blame the weather for that! I think I'll hide when the recycling men turn up today. BUT, I know I am not the only one out there who has been doing the same, don't beat yourself up! I've seen lots of comments on social media of people asking the same questions, worrying that they are either eating too much, drinking too much. Don't worry. We will all be back to work etc before we know it. Although I have had a word with myself and put myself on a 2 week alcohol lock down.... there's no way I'll do it but the thought is there!!!

The saving grace for me has been the weather. I've worked in the morning on re-building my website and just checking all my social media pages etc are up to date. I've completed some fantastic free online courses and continued with my Networking which has really helped to keep me motivated. Then, I've had a nice walk with the dog and sat out for a few hours. Listening to the birds and the silence.... no traffic, no planes in the sky. I've actually started reading again!!! If you sit back and observe its absolutely beautiful out there.

I'm really missing being in the studio, creating amazing Images for you all. But, we will all be back to normal one day.... what ever normal is. I'm quite liking SOME of the new normal if I'm honest. I've found new local walks with the dog, started reading again and realised that I don't actually have to go out everyday and spend money!! And that I can motivate myself and do Yoga at home. Totally not liking the fact that I cannot see my family and friends, just as everyone is massively feeling that, but thank god for face-time and zoom, we've had some fantastic catch ups over it.

Thinking of all of my Brides (and groom's) who have had to re-arrange their Wedding Days. Thank goodness I have been available on your new dates. I cannot wait to Photograph your Wedding and their will be a couple of extra little surprises for the Bride's who have sadly had to re-arrange.

When I haven't been sat out, drinking, working or reading. I have made time for some home Photography. Something totally different for me but I'm loving it!!! I have even sold a few of the images. So if you do see anything you like, send me a message, I'm putting some fab Isolation prices together. I'll keep updating this blog with new Images once a week....need to spread it all out so I've got something to do. I've also had a few requests for different Images which I will be working on over the coming weeks.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and keep doing what your doing. You're smashing it xxx

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